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 Finding A New Home

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Midnight Wolf

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PostSubject: Finding A New Home   Wed Apr 22, 2009 1:41 am

I thought it was time for me to find some place to stay. The inn seemed like a good choice. I shapeshifted into a normal girl before entering the inn. I entered the inn and walked up to the counter. "My name is Crystal. May I have a room please?" I asked. "Of course you can, Crystal. My name is Ruby. Please follow me to your room please." Ruby said. I followed her up the stairs and to a room. When Ruby left, I shut the door and shapeshifted to my normal self. My eyes turned white. I left the door open a bit. I got out my sketch pad. I went over to the vanity and sat on the stool. I grabbed my pencil and starting sketching in my sketch pad. I closed my eyes and skecthed something random. I opened my eyes and looked at the drawing I sketched. I grabbed some of my colored pencils and colored the picture.

I looked at it for a while. I put my stuff away and sat on my bed. "What am I going to do now?" I asked myself. "I might as well make new friends even though I'm not easy to get to." I sighed.

(Note: I did not draw the picture. I found it.)
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Finding A New Home
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