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 Welcome to the Valley

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Valley   Sat May 30, 2009 7:02 pm

The red head never thought she would be able to find such a calm and serene place like this. It was really nothing short of wonderful. She could actually hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing against her soft hair. Plus, the name is this place was simply ringing its serenity; ‘Forget-Me-Not Valley.’ That would definitely be the name of her next composition that she would, at least attempt to, compose. But truth be told, it was basically Savannah’s first times out of the crazy city life, or what she could remember being her first time out of the city. Hmm? Who is Savannah? This was Savannah; the red haired girl walking through the dirty roads and over the bridge, only carrying a bag of clothes and some sort of an instrument case. She had two cases; one small like a violin and the other large like there was a guitar in it.

Savannah had never really recalled this place being on a map, but it didn’t matter to her. She was getting to see new places and meet new people. This was her dream and she couldn’t believe that it was happening for her. But nevertheless, this place seemed all too interesting and she couldn’t wait to meet all of it’s residents.

The female had already began spotting new people but had decided that it would probably be better if Savannah had found a place to stay first. Low and behold! Her green eyes managed to spot, what seemed to be, an Inn. “Fantastic.” She grinned weakly under her breath as she began to head over in that direction.

Even as she opened the weak door, she could already smell the wondrous smells of various spices and even a small hint of warm cinnamon. She carefully walked up to the desk and rang the bell a few times. It was silent for a few moments; her own voice broke the silence;

“Hello…?” She asked softly, “Is there anyone here?” She carefully placed down her guitar case by her side. She quietly eyed the small bell once more with her dark green eyes, should she? She shrugged her shoulders as she rung the bell one more time. She was about to say something but was startled as she heard noises coming from the other room. Her brows furrowed together as she listened closely. But the door quickly opened and a small woman came out from what appeared to be the kitchen. “I’m sorry for interrupting you.” She apologized to the woman, “It’s just that—.”

The woman held up her hand and opened a small book, “Ah, don’t worry about it child. I should be watching the desk anyway.” She smiled up and laughed softly as she carefully looked over the female, “Are you visiting someone here in the valley?” She question,

The traveler turned a bit red to the cheeks and looked away, “Oh no, I’m just travelling and I needed a place to stay… But do you have a room open?” She asked, the small woman gasped and quickly looked through the book and opened to a page near the back. She smiled and nodded.

“Why yes, we do. I just need to know your name and how long you’re staying.” She told her, grabbing a pencil from a tiny box.

“My name is Savannah Stark… And I’m sorry, but I don’t know how long I’ll be staying but I’ll help you out here to help pay for my room! I promise.” She stated. The woman shook her head,

“Oh, dear, that’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” She told her, scribbling down some words unto the sheet. “Now, go ahead upstairs, your room is the first one on the right.” She smiled handing Savannah the keys. “Welcome to the valley.” Savannah grinned and thanked her as she walked up the step and went to her assigned room, where she would probably just drop all of her belongings and head back out into the valley and explore the area for a little while.
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Welcome to the Valley
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