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 Room please...

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PostSubject: Room please...   Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:59 am

"blah,"Kathia said while looking at the inn.
She wiped off the sand that was on her clothes and got her luggage before pushing the door open.
"Hello,"she said to the lady behind the counter while walking to the counter."Can I have a room, please."She asked the lady.
"Hello and welcome to the inn,my name is Ruby,I'll show you to your room,"Ruby told her,while getting a key.
"Thank you,and my name is Kathia,"She told Ruby.They walked up the stairs to a room.Ruby unlocked the room and pushed the door open.
"There you go,have a nice stay here,"Ruby said with a smile.
"Thank you,"Kathia said in a whisper for Ruby already left her.
She entered the room and locked the door behind her.
"ugh,"she mumbled to herself,"I want to go to sleep....maybe after I'll go explore the valley..."
She threw herself onto the bed and closed her eyes and fell asleep after a few minutes.
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Room please...
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