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 Me & My Brothers Manga

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PostSubject: Me & My Brothers Manga   Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:16 pm

Okay, so I was bored one day, and went to the library. I was looking at the manga section, when I found this book. Once I started reading, I figured out this manga was like Ouran High School Host Club! The main character, Sakura, is like Haruhi. She's stubborn! One of her brothers named Takashi is like Kyoya.He wears glasses and has the same hairstyle like him. Another one of her brothers named Takeshi is like Mori! He's quiet, has the same hairstyle, and he's nice! The two last brothers Masashi and Tsuyoshi remind of Tamaki and Hikaru! Tsuyoshi is mean and pulls pranks like Hikaru. And Masashi... is silly just like Tamaki!

Here's the summary:
Quote :
Sakura, upon the spring of her first year in middle school. Her mother Fumiko and her stepfather died in an accident when she was three; the grandmother who raised her has just recently died. One day, however, Sakura comes home and is suddenly embraced by four men aged seventeen through twenty-five. They claim to be Sakura's half-brothers, and give her a letter from her grandmother that leaves her in their care.
It is soon revealed that Sakura holds no actual blood relation with the four, due to her mother remarrying after all of them had been born. Nevertheless, they manage to convince Sakura that their love for her as a sister is sincere. For the next few years, Sakura and her brothers live as family, experiencing the range of familial activities: sibling fights, school plays, discoveries of old family secrets, trips to festivals, and more.
Soon after graduating from middle school, Sakura discovers she is in love with her oldest brother, Masashi.

U guys should read it! Here's a pic of the manga:
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PostSubject: Re: Me & My Brothers Manga   Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:18 am

Sweet idea!!! I'd love to read it sometime! In love with her brother? *gasp* o.0 that makes for quite the interesting story!
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Me & My Brothers Manga
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