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 No way I came that far. [reserved-Soph & Amando]

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PostSubject: No way I came that far. [reserved-Soph & Amando]   Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:37 pm

Soph shook her head, and felt a fog clearing from it. "Huh?" She exclaimed, bewildered. She turned around, wildly. trying to find an explaination. But it was just a field. Nothing special, really. Well, to the people who lived here, it must mean something. To her? Soph racked her brains, despearatly trying now, to come up with something. Nothing. Nada. Blank. Soph sighed, sitting down. "Why does this keep on happening? I end up in places I really don't..." She sighed again, now yawning. If if wasn't for the facts that a)it was the end of Winter/start of Spring and therefore very cold, and b) She was a 17 year old and therefore, again, she should be slightly sensible, Soph would've fallen asleep right there. "What's the point?!" The air seemed to shake at the anger in her voice. "Really..."
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No way I came that far. [reserved-Soph & Amando]
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