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 Lucidity [Open!]

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Red Riding Hood

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PostSubject: Lucidity [Open!]   Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:29 am

Under the dark cover of night did the quick Freerunner dash, making her own way through the winding ways of Mineral Town using everything but the footpath. The only lights that dared guide her were that of the dim Lamposts that stood brightly along the street, and the Moon, which watched dormantly over the world as it slept.

Well, most of the world.
Not Mia Hawthorne.

She knew it was late, and that she'd regret such strange late-night running come dawn. But Parkour was the very essence that fueled her life, the very blood in her veins. To chain her into a house was like putting a Wildebeest on a leash, it simply didn't work.
So when the Freerunner had woken in the night, unable to return to her sleep, she slipped out of bed and thus out of the house, at risk of disturbing her beloved Husband and Child from their own cozy sleep.

Now, she sat quietly upon the Roof of a small building, one of her favourite places to be. Mia could only hope that the resident of whatever house she was sitting upon hadn't heard her quietly scamper onto their rooftops like a mischievous fledgling.
It was so different at Night, watching the Stars blink and shine, hiding shyly under the cover of a cloud.
But she loved it.


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PostSubject: Re: Lucidity [Open!]   Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:32 pm

Wess was on a casual leisure stroll, he had to get away from his farm for one day. He comes to a stop beside the Hawthorne house, quite tired and not sure why he was here. He looked up towards the top; he felt something up there; but it was too tall to be a bird. His eyes come into focus and he notices Mia. Slipping up to the top of the house; using his "special climbing abilities", as he likes to say it, he appeared right next to Mia a whispers, "Boo,"
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Lucidity [Open!]
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