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 What's This? A Horse?

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The Mayor
The Mayor

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PostSubject: What's This? A Horse?   Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:49 pm

The Mayor struggled with a set of reigns. “Come on,” he said, doing his best to lead the massive creature at the opposite end of the rope. It was a horse, one that the local livestock salesman didn’t need anymore. The Mayor walked up to the door of the house and knocked.

When someone answered, he smiled a very cheesy smile. “Hello, Pamala! I noticed that you had a pet stable. Would you like to care for this horse? You can name it, and when it gets a little older, you can ride it into town!”

The horse the Mayor gives you is a gray one. If you have not already created a Pet Stable thread in your home forum, you may do so now. You can also name your horse, buy pet feed from a pet shop, and ride it after two weeks, when it will fully mature.

You can also buy other horses from a pet shop; they will have other colors and ages for you to choose from. Your Pet Stable can hold up to six pets of any kind.
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What's This? A Horse?
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