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 My Secret Friend [BH- Graham and Kitty]

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PostSubject: My Secret Friend [BH- Graham and Kitty]   Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:34 am

It was strange. Being married that is.

Somehow Kitty got some time to herself though and decided to wander till her feet were sore from walking. The place she ended up was in Mineral Town, a pretty good distance in her mind. She sat upon a wooden bench and relaxed. A butterfly caught her attention once, but it quickly flew away like it had somewhere to be. Knowing Ian he'd probably be curious what she was doing on her own, but that didn't make her hurry home. She'd deal with that later. Besides they still needed to talk about the whole 'kid' thing and she wasn't quite sure how to deal with the whole situation with him. He'd probably be shocked that she doesn't want kids--they should have talked about this before they got married because now she felt so stressed that they were living together and hadn't discussed it yet.

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Kazumi couldn't help but feel a bit nervous around Cody. He was unlike anyone she had ever seen before. His voice was smooth, his skin fair and his hair the perfect shade of brown. But his eyes had to be the most wonderful thing about his looks. Yes, he was like a giant Ken doll.

I love you Kazu. ♥♥♥♥
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My Secret Friend [BH- Graham and Kitty]
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