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 The makings of war. (Open)

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Eternal Silence

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PostSubject: The makings of war. (Open)   Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:26 pm

Graham strode towards the beach, hands tucked deep in the pockets of his pants. He stopped a few yards away from the water and hoisted himself up on a post of the wooden fence that created the boundary of the shoreline. It was nearing summer, and the weather was already starting to heat up. He was somewhat glad; he could tolerate any temperature that wasn't freezing. But he wasn't too fond of sweating half to death, either.

This time of year was nice. Not too cold, not too hot. Perfect for just sitting by the beach, staring out at the water.

He took out a cigarette and lit up. Traces of smoke clouded into the air, only to be blown away by the stiff sea breeze moments later.

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PostSubject: Re: The makings of war. (Open)   Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:07 am

Ellizabeth went for a simple walk on the beach with her mastiff puppy Oreo. The big puppy soon started barking at a man sitting on the ebach smoking. Elizabeth held her breath as she started to walk towards the man. "You know you shouldnt be smoking at the beach around children?!" she said glaring at him with ehr scary eyes. She then stood there tapping her foot at him trying not to smell smoke but wrinkling ehr nsoe as she did.
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The makings of war. (Open)
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