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 Lets play zombie survival!

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Skittles taste rainbow
Skittles taste rainbow

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Elizabeth Sto

PostSubject: Lets play zombie survival!   Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:26 am

In this game you name an anime show or cartoon...and describe what would happen in a zombie outbreak. You say what characters would likely survive and who wouldnt.

I`ll start.


plot: Its a normal day in high school when suddenly a zombie outbreak appears. Konata kagami miyuki and tsukasa are trapped in the school. they rush to the roof Konata the fastest. Miyuki darting past. Kagami trying to help her clumsy sister tsukasa. They make it to the top of the stairs when suddenly the builing burst into flames. Minoru runs past flames spuing all over. Tsukasa trips on the steps and has to get up intime to jump over a peice of ruble. tsukasa would most likely tripp. Kagami watching her sister jumps after her. Miyuki and konata close the door to find Iwaka and yutaka huddling up in the corner with hiyori. Miyuki had forgotten to charge her cellphone and Konata had left hersa at her house. suddenly Yui nasan to the rescue comes driving reclessly to the scene. She shoots a couple of zombies then urges the girls to jump. Yutaka frightened begs to think of somthing else. Miyuki switches to her seriouse mode and spots a couple of taprs. She ties them together and throws them over the side. Yutaka slides down following the others.
The girls are all driving away now when Yui nasan drives right into a tree doing a powerslide. Yutaka was hit by the tree and cant move now. Yui nasan and iwaka stay to try and fend off the zombies. They urge for hiyori and konata and miyuki to go on. konata in the lead makes the way through the zombies. Miyuki trips on a rock and falls over. Shattering her glasses. Miyuki9 jumps up only to be toppled oevr by an akira zombie. Hiyori and konata continue on foot. They run into patricia and hiyoris friend Kou.
They make their way to a hospital buliding where a chopper awaits at the top to save the servivers. On the way up falling ruble toples over hiyori and Kou. Patrica suddenly starts to go on about how moe this is when Kou gets up to help hiyori. Patricia rambling on doesnt notice when a peice of rubble toppls her off the stairs. Hiyori and kou were hit by the ruble too. Konata makes it to the top unharmed. Where she fights her way through a cround of zombies using her master martial art skills. She gets away safley in the chjopper.

Winner: Konata

Reason: Konata`s master martial art skills, athletic abilitys, and her somewhat quick thinking.
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Lily Evans
Lily Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Lets play zombie survival!   Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:47 am

Lol Fullmetal Alchemist is my pick. Mustang would set them on fire, Edward would cage the zombies in a ginormous gate made from metal and Aphonse would transmute thier souls into him or into something else! And Riza would kick total butt with a few very well aimed shots to the head!
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Lets play zombie survival!
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