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 Here Once Again [Open for anyone that knows Genna]

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PostSubject: Here Once Again [Open for anyone that knows Genna]   Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:49 am

Genna hated being attached to all the IV's. All the needles just piercing her skin, her arm was pretty sore and the scratches were starting to fade away. Although there was this one scar on her arm that wouldn't go away, it looked freshly cut but it didn't bleed. It even creeped her out when she even stole a glance from it. She can't even stand the heart monitor that kept beeping every second, it scared her.

Her hair was wavy from wearing her braids for too long, it was also a bit bloodstained. She looked at the TV with her green eyes looking bored. She stopped clicking the channel button until she stopped at the news. Nothing caught her attention. Weather forecast was going to be snowy and low temperatures, also Spring was coming. Her daughter was almost one years old.

She slapped her forehead and sighed. Hopefully she was going to get out of here before her daughter's birthday. She was thinking of another child but judging by her condition, she chose to wait. Genna wondered about Alisa, did she live? Is she okay? Genna blamed herself for this. Waterfall? Really? She groaned and kept clicking on the channel selection button.


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Here Once Again [Open for anyone that knows Genna]
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