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 Animal crossing (sign up) (canceled)

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PostSubject: Animal crossing (sign up) (canceled)   Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:50 pm

You are a human/animal leaveing home for a life of your own. You take a ride to a nice small town named Smileytown!!

In this game its pretty much like animal crossing you find a home pay it off and find items using the random thing with posts! you seel them for a certain price and become the hero of the town!!

Name: (first name only)
Apperance: (human or animal)

Name: Mouse
Gender: Female
Age: 13

History:Mouse grew up till she was a teen with her loving mother and father and brothers. She had always dreamed of moving out on her own. She finally for her birthday got tickets for a train ride to smiley town and a breifcase giving her the clues that her parents thought she was ready to go! She was always kind to the things she loved but could go haywire sometimes causing ehr family to want to push her out a little bit. She never knew this though so she has always been happy.Oh...and shes worn the same dog costume since she was eight.

Likes: Apples, bunny hats, bluejeans, and flowers.

Dislikes: Meanies, rocks, and old rotten foods.

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Animal crossing (sign up) (canceled)
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