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 Cookies and Fun[Emily and Caris Black Friendship Event]

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PostSubject: Cookies and Fun[Emily and Caris Black Friendship Event]   Wed May 18, 2011 1:19 am

Sunshine Island sounded very pretty and sunshiny to Emily.She had been wondering around and eventully arrived here.The only reason Emily was out today was because she was going on a picnic.She had baked fresh cookies and brought a basket with a plaid blanket in it.She skipped happily until she came across a meadow.Perfect. Emily thought.She sat her basket down and took out the blanket, laid it down, and sat on it, taking out a tray of cookies and-Huh?There was two plates in here.Weird.Ariana didn't come.Oh, well.She put one plate back in the basket.Then she grabbed the other plate and set it down.Emily then felt the cookies.''Ow!''she cried.The cookies were hot!She decided to let them cool off and play for awhile.She began to dance and skip happily.
Emily remembered a song that her mother taught her called 'Written in your heart.'Emily knew there was another part in the end, but she couldn't remember it.What was it?Oh well.She started to sing it.

''Like a bird that flies in the morning light,
or a butterfly in the spring
When your spirit rides on the winds of hope,
you'll find your wings...
And you're always free to begin again and your always free to believe...
when you find the place that your heart belongs,
you'll never leave...
You and I will always be
celebrating life together
I know that I've found a friend forever more...*''

[*After this section, Emily can't remember the last part]
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Cookies and Fun[Emily and Caris Black Friendship Event]
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