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 Finishing unpacking(Open)

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PostSubject: Finishing unpacking(Open)   Sun May 29, 2011 4:39 pm

Emily sighed as she put her suitcase down.''I guess we've got work to do, right?''She asked Ariana, her younger sister.Ariana nodded,saying nothing.The two were quiet for quite some time.A few moments later, their puppy Bell, came in, barking.Emily smiled.She loved animals and children, so it cheered her up a bit.''Let's get busy.''She said, looking at the house.Ariana nodded, smiling.Emily unzipped her suitcase and started to pull her things out, passing them to Ariana.Ariana hurriedly put them on a dusty table.When everything was taken out, Emily and Ariana put them where they needed to be.Emily sang happily as she and Ariana unpacked.Bell wacthed closely.

''Today's the day,
yes it has come,
time to get all
of the work to be done.
Dust the tables,
sweep the floor,
clean the windows,
wash the door.''

Ariana smiled as she heard her sister sing.She had always loved that song.Before they knew it, the house was clean and unpacked, ready to go.
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Finishing unpacking(Open)
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