Sept 30th 2010 by Administrators

Site cleaned up and updated. All fan art submissions and other requests will be updated soon.

June 11th 2010 by Rosette

Review added by Eternal Silence and other minor site updates are done.

The other staff members have been hard at work on a bunch of updates in the forum so check it out if you haven't been with us for a while.

March 10th 2010 by Rosette

Game reviews are up by Kitty and Rose! We only have a couple at the moment until our staff have time to write up more!
Also, we have new fan art in our fan art section. If you don't see yours up, it's because you've forgotten to attach image files in your submission. Remember to include them next time.

Thanks to Aiyo for making our Valentine's Banner.

Fed 12th 2010 by Rosette

We have a Valentine's event hosted by Justice until the 20th where you'll make, give and receive Valentines! Visit the forum's event page here for details. Remember, you'll have to sign in to view it!

Thanks to Aiyo for making our Valentine's Banner.

Jan 12th 2010 by Rosette

Lets give a warm welcome to Ballad Of The Fool, our newest member of the staff team! Also, new fan art is added to the fan art section. Enjoy!

Dec 23th 2009 by 12Kittycat1214

For our Holiday event, the gifts are now due! So give them to the person you are being Santa for now. It's up to you whether to post the gift or not. View the topic here for details!

Dec 5th 2009 by 12Kittycat1214

It's time for the holidays. Join us for the gift exchange here!

The forum's design and the security has been updated.

Nov 5th 2009 by Rosette

The Halloween Curse is over! I hope you guys had a great Halloween!

 Oct 26th 2009 by Rosette

The Halloween Curse is infecting more people! What will happen on the 31st of Halloween?! Keep collecting the scrolls to avoid the curse! Click here for details!

 Oct 4th 2009 by Rosette

Due to our new domain name a while, we have reworked the site! It took me a while since I don't have all the time in the world. Everything is reorganized. I hope you enjoy the fresh look! Also our forum got revamped to match the site. New fan art has been added to the fan works section. The awards bar has been re-added under your posts. All this took me hours and weeks to fix due to my busy schedule so I hope you enjoy it! There may be a few minor things missing but overall they will be back within the next few days.

 Aug 28th 2009 by Aiyo

We have our HD Anniversary Winner! Ballad of the Fool! Click Me For Details!

 July 18th 2009 by Rosette

HM Worlds updates are here for enhancing your RP! Updated Calendars, festivals and item collection in your houses are now available for a HM RPG experience!

 June 27th 2009 by Rosette

Staff list for our forum is updated. Welcome to justice (beginning of June) and Gmoguy (end of June) to the staff! And yes did I forget to mention? We do have a seperate RP from HM Worlds so join there if you wish to do any other types of rps!

 June 11th 2009 by Eternal Silence

Ballad of the Fool has won our fan fiction event! Click here for details!

 May 26th 2009 by Rosette

New fan art is added and will be marked with new. A story to the fan fiction section.

 May 18th 2009 by 12Kittycat1214

Fan Videos have been added to the videos section.

 May 11th 2009 by Rosette

We have a fan fiction event! Click here for details!

 May 6th 2009 by Rosette

Role play rules updated. Forum images and profiles updated. View announcement here for details.

 April 30th 2009 by Rosette

Yes as you can see, we have our spring layout!
Took me a while because I'm not an expert web designer.
There might be small tweaks within the next few days but I'm mostly done (redesigning)!

 April 19th 2009 by Rosette

New Fan Art is added and will be marked with new

 April 8th 2009 by Rosette

Eternal Silence wins in our banner contest!
Rules are updated for role playing and for the forum.
Check them out if you are already a regular member.

 March 12th 2009 by Rosette

We have a new banner designing contest! Click here for details!

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