Forum Rules

Welcome. Before using the forum, read and follow these simple rules. This is to ensure that everyone has a good experience in the community. We've reworked some due to past disturbances.

Forum Rules
1.) Be Respectful. Do not offend anyone

2.)Stay On Topic.

3.)Do Not Spam or double post. You may reply after your own post after 24 hours if you do not get a response. What is Spam?
a.)Very short posts that do not add to the discussion of a topic.
Example: a post with "lol yay!", "cool!" or "I agree!"can be considered spam.
Do not advertise. All links inappropriately linked will be deleted. You are allowed to post links in your profile or your signature.

4.) Do Not Impersonate any member.

5.) Do Not Create Multiple Accounts. If you have certain problems with your account, please contact the administrators.

6.) Do Not Use Inappropriate or Huge Images. Our signature size limit is 250 pixels including text.

7) Do Not Post Copyrighted Material. Don't duplicate someone else's work from another site and claim it as your own. This is somewhat disrespectful to them.

8) Do Not Backseat Moderate. If you see someone breaking one of the rules on Harvest Dreams, please contact a staff member and let the staff deal with it.

Role Play Rules

1.)No Godmodding: This means do not control other people characters, make yourself overpowered with special abilities, or being able to wriggle your way out of any situation with the wave of your hands. Just like in real life, you cannot control what another person does except for yourself.

2.) Do not start a serious relationship like Dating or Marriage unless you have that person's permission. Remember, we are a site for fun. We're not here to get into serious relationships

3.) Type in English and try to use your best grammar and spelling. Reread what you wrote.

4.)Keep this E rated

5.) Use Quality posts in a minimum of four sentences!! If you do not follow this, your post may be deleted and be considered a spam post.
Spammed rp posts include:
a.)A short sentence with few lines of text.
c.)It's not a chat room. Posts don't take a few minutes to type up.

6.)Use Reserved and Open Topics in Role Play Area rule To prevent disruption and a more organized rp, everyone is required to put RESERVED in their topic if they only allow specific characters to enter. If you do not put RESERVED, anyone can come in. In the topic itself, they can add this (characters allowed: Aiyo, Kitty...etc). Everyone not mentioned is not allowed to participate.

7.) Minor NPC role allowed We now allow you to control/use NPCs with minor roles such as Ann serving you food. What is not allowed? An NPC with a medium or major role such as your brother or Skye taking over, nearly replacing you in a post.

8.)Emoticons, images and videos are not allowed. You're suppose to describe feelings in a rp. Only Game Results may post images or others for our festivals and others.

9.)2nd Role Play Character Eligibility
a.)200 posts
b.)Following rp rules AND quality role playing. Any rule breaking and disregard will lower your chances of approval.
d.)Use both names when you do dialogue or use actions to avoid confusion.
e.)It's weird to RP with "yourself". Try not to reserve a topic for your two characters only.
f.)If your 2nd character attempt fails within the first week, you will have your character removed for a while until you are able to understand. There may be further updates but we will announce them when we update.


Some rules have more weight than others if broken. There may be other reasons not mentioned above that an administrator/moderator may approach you if they deemed the situation appropriate.
If you are banned, this is the summary.

1st offense: Temporary Ban (a few days to a week).
2nd Offense: A month or series of months.
3rd Offense: Permanent.
Though on some occasions, you may only receive a suspension that does not count as a ban penalty like the above. In some rare occasions, your suspension and ban times may vary depending on the right judgment from the specific admin/mod.


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