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 Mermaid Melody (pitchi pitchi pitch)

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Mermaid Melody (pitchi pitchi pitch) Empty
PostSubject: Mermaid Melody (pitchi pitchi pitch)   Mermaid Melody (pitchi pitchi pitch) EmptyMon Nov 30, 2009 7:36 pm

i haven't wantched the anime, but i've read the manga. it's pretty good,although in my opnion, it could have been better. The author could have done a better job Sad the overall manga is good, but the author dosen't really state things clearly and it's very confusing. i don't even know what's going on some of the time. the fight scense are epsically confusing. here's all i really get out of them:

bad guy: ahahaha i will get those mermaids and take them down *starts to sing*

mermiads: ugh, what's that horible sound? let's transform! *transforms and bursts into location of bad music)

bad guy :hahaha i got you now!

Mermaids: listen to our song with our pitchi pitchi voices!

bad guy: ahhhhh i can't take it!

lucia: want an encore?

that's about all that happens >< also, in my opnion, the author could take a little more time in revieling things. she just does it too fast which is also very confusing. >< over all though, pretty good seris.
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Mermaid Melody (pitchi pitchi pitch)
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