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 Favorite HM Festival/Event?

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PostSubject: Favorite HM Festival/Event?   Favorite HM Festival/Event? EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 2:19 am

Alright, time for another round of Steph's HM favorite questions game. xD So, tell me!

What festival/event is your favorite? From any HM game and any festival- Firefly, Ocean, Moon ect. or event- Dates, Marriage, Baby Events, Heart Events, Cut-scenes ect.

For me it'd be...:

ToT: Luke's childbirth event. I dunno why, he was nervous and I thought it was funny! But if I was Akari I'd be like, "Luke, shut up! I'm the one doing the work!" (well probably not but I'd think it) Or the all time famous event- the cutting of the Mother Tree Root. Need I say more?

AP: Luke's (shocker!) Starry Night Festival. That... that was soooo cheesy but I'm a sucker for cheesy romance lines so I loved it! And him! Or the "sisters fight" event between Candace and Luna- it was funny for some reason!

MM: Kurt and Dia's heart event. Kurt was such a sweetheart in that event!

AWL: Daryl attacking the cow. My cow PWNED him in that scene!

DS Cute: Kai's proposal. I haven't actually expirenced it but I saw it on YouTube and wow, hes amazing in that event!

IoH: Vaughn's "no smiling" event. It was cute and he was totally funny! (need to think of some more adjectives huh? lol)
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite HM Festival/Event?   Favorite HM Festival/Event? EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 9:16 am

in events:


i love when Cliff and I got married..the family events are pretty good too..
i like the Fireworks Festival and the Full Moon Festival..both are romantic festives..
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Eternal Silence

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PostSubject: Re: Favorite HM Festival/Event?   Favorite HM Festival/Event? EmptySat Dec 05, 2009 4:09 pm

64: I loved all of the scenes where the girls fell and twisted their ankle, and also their "special" events (like Ann taking you to see the rabbit in Winter).

MFoMT: The showdown between Rick and Kai at the beach that first summer. The face that Rick made terrified and intrigued me at the same time.

FoMT: Marrying Elli-- she's my favorite. ^^

AnWL: The mad scientist scenes with Daryl, and the overall progression of the game. I liked the fact that the characters aged- wasn't too wild about dying at the end, but, I digress. Oh, and the talking plant, and the teddy bear thing, and Takakura... that was my first HM game, and I still love it to pieces. ^^

MM: Carl. Need I say more? <3

IoH: Shea and Wada's little introduction scene. ("...Can we eat it?") And any event with Vaughn or Pierre.

HMDS: Being able to change clothes, and build your farm the way YOU wanted to. I liked the special girls, too, and digging through the caves.

HMDSC: Skye, and the fact that the bachelors changed their clothes on a daily basis. I liked the idea of Skye more than the actual character, though.

ToT: Oh « Harvest Goddess »... I loved this game so much. <3 I think the confession events and romantic festivals were the best. The "falling-off-the-bridge" scene with Ben, whom I love.

AP: The sprites kissing at HG's wedding with the main character, Jake acting like that little shriveled guy from LoTR (never watched the movies all the way through, but I know of the character. "MY PRECIOUSSSSS.") over the Wizard's crystal ball. The proposal event, the confession event, just how many events there are in general. xD I like the remodels of the houses, and the two-kids feature.

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PostSubject: Re: Favorite HM Festival/Event?   Favorite HM Festival/Event? Empty

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Favorite HM Festival/Event?
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