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 Sunset Valley

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PostSubject: Sunset Valley   Sunset Valley EmptyTue Feb 01, 2011 4:39 am

Sunset Valley

song: The Howling by Within Temptation

Story: 1400 B.C.E,
The musicians were playing an exotic tango, the participants elegantly dancing in the large crystal ballroom. The Queen had left for an adjoining balcony; one young lord, drunk from the way he stumbled, followed after her. The music started to turn into a majestic waltz, when a lady came running in covered in blood, she clutched at the stub of her arm. Something grabbed her leg from behind and pulled her back into the darkness, her scream echoed through the now silent ballroom.

A few moments passed, everyone gone silent from the scene they had witnessed, when large wolf entered the hall, blood dripping from its muzzle, it grabbed another lord with its large paws. The old lord opening his mouth to scream, but he was beheaded in an instant. The head fell to the ground and rolled under the dress of a duchess, than the chaos erupted. The creature struck at everyone within reach. The floor was soon covered in a sea of red; the precious “blue” blood of the nobles mixing with the blood of the servants, amid this sea of red the wolf stood tall and let out howl, it ran for the balcony where the Queen had exited. Everyone inside was dead, except for me. As I crept out of my hiding place in one of the less used passages, the coppery tang of blood in the air, I heard a final howl from the Wolf.
~ Kristine Miya, survivor

150 years later, research notes
The Queen was eighteen and had been ruling for three years when the fateful night had occurred leaving everyone in the hall dead, the number of deaths ranked into the hundreds, the Queen herself was found dead, her body covered in blood and her own sword impaled through her chest.

The villagers, it is said, came running to the castle on that night after hearing the screams from the palace. They were only able to find one survivor a dancer who left the hall to meet with her fiancé. She claimed that she had returned to the hall just after the Wolf started killing. Since she was the granddaughter of the village elder they believed her, but some still thought she might have caused the massacre.

It was thought that the Queen of the Valley was attacked by a wolf a month prior to the ball, some believed this turned her into a were-wolf, some thought the opposite, they thought it was the dancer who left with her fiancé was the were-wolf, while others believed the wolf was the Spirit of the Forest, come to wreak havoc on the Queen and her court for chopping down a sacred tree deep in the woods. However, the villagers no matter how old they got had ever forgotten the screams of that fateful night.

No G-moding
Romance is allowed
Four character max
Violence is allowed for fighting
Minor swearing allowed

Setting and places to visit:

Sunset Valley:
The valley had received its name from the beautiful sunsets that could be witnessed here. Used to be ruled by a Queen but that lineage had stopped 150 years ago, now run by a village council and mayor. It is located deep within the Twilight Forest; it is bountiful with fertile fields, rivers, streams, lakes and canyons.

The Black Lake:
Located to the north of the village, it is well known for the fishing and the caves that surround the far shoreline. It is known as the Black Lake, because at the center of the lake the water is black. There is a local legend around it claiming that a creature lives at the bottom of the lake, and that there is a tunnel that connects it with a river that runs through the Palace.

The Palace of Sunset:
Located a few miles west of the village resides the Palace of Sunset. Nobody has entered the palace since the fateful incident, the villagers are too afraid of the spirits residing in the palace, and also believe that the creature still lives there. The remains of the dead are still rested in the spots they fell, on some new and full moons it is claimed you can still here their screams of terror.

Nightfall Canyon:
A series of canyons located a few miles from the village, a part of it is connected to the Twilight Forest. Only a small percentage of the canyons have been explored, there is said to be a room full of treasures guarded by a Trickster God.

The Eclipse Theatre:
An old abandoned Opera House under renovation by the local carpenter. His benefactor is not well known in the village, he is just known as Animus Youkai. The Theatre is said to be haunted by phantoms and spirits, most notably the Fallen One.

Twilight Forest:
A luscious, vast forest south of the village sacred to the Spirit of the Forest; Vivian. The forest is said to be have a mind of its own and is believed to be alive. Many folk have claimed to have seen trees to move on their own, explorers have gone to bed one night and the surroundings around them had changed in the morning. Many creatures reside here, both natural and supernatural; some humans are thought to be turned into these creatures through the Vivian’s wrath.

The Forest Ruins:
Deep within the Twilight Forest lay the ancient temple ruins. In the center of the large ruins is a large petrified stump of a tree that was cut down 156 years ago. It is believed that the stump is the tree that was cut down by the Queen to prove herself better than Vivian. Legend claims Vivian cast a curse upon the Queen and caused her death and the deaths of her subjects. The ruins is believed to be guarded by a heavily armored clad warrior.

Brief character history:

Kristine Miya: Survivor of the Massacre that occurred 150 yrs ago.
The Queen: Many mysteries surround her and the fateful night.
Vivian, Lady of the Forest: The Forest Goddess of legend.

Join Sheet:
Age: (16 youngest)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Weapon: Guns, Magic, Melee Weapons

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PostSubject: Re: Sunset Valley   Sunset Valley EmptyTue Feb 01, 2011 2:22 pm

Name: Roy Morie
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark violet, wears a pair of glasses as well

Pro: Hardworking, intelligent, open-minded and friendly
Con: Superstitious, frightens quite easily, over thinks situations.

Background: Roy has lived in the Valley since his family moved there when he was young ant took over the local inn and tavern. His family was always surreptitious of the local legends surrounding the Valley and have come to believe they are true. When he was 13 he had an encounter with a local wolf pack in the Twilight Forest they blocked off the path to the Palace, he escaped due to the fact the pack didn't attack him. His parents believed that was a warning from Vivian that they should not let anyone near the Palace and petitioned for the villagers and visitors banned from visiting the Palace. When his parents decided to move out of the city, Roy took over the Inn and tavern and has been running it for 5 years now.
Weapon: Flintlock pistol, dagger and a short sword.
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Sunset Valley
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