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 [Sign-up/OOC] Pokemon: Fate of Two Worlds

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PostSubject: Re: [Sign-up/OOC] Pokemon: Fate of Two Worlds   [Sign-up/OOC] Pokemon: Fate of Two Worlds - Page 2 EmptyWed May 11, 2011 3:36 am

A bit more on the personality and history. Personality should be 1 paragraph, and history should be at least 2 paragraphs. Most of that history looks like it belongs in Personality.

Also, here is the current list of who's where:

Jubilife City
Real World: Open /Pokemon World: Sophie Evans

Floaroma Town
Real World: Robert Goldsmith /Pokemon World: Matthew Ryder

Amity Square:
Real World: Open /Pokemon World: Open

Twinleaf Town:
Real World: Open /Pokemon World: Rina Curran

If you're off in Oreburg or someplace else, get yourself to one of these places. There should be one person from the real world and one person from the Pokemon world in each place. If I have to restart the whole RP, I will. People shouldn't be leaving their starting locations until they pair up with their Pokemon world/Real world partner. Also, travel between towns takes anywhere from half a day to several days if traveling on foot.
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[Sign-up/OOC] Pokemon: Fate of Two Worlds
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