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 The Wizard in the Sky[RP]

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The Wizard in the Sky[RP] Empty
PostSubject: The Wizard in the Sky[RP]   The Wizard in the Sky[RP] EmptySun May 29, 2011 1:03 am

''Wooooohhooooo!''Jamie called as she flew on her broomstick.Up, down, all around, she was flying, wand in hand.Today was the 1st day of Wizard Academy, and she was learnig magic.Wow!!It first, Jamie never did believe it, but it was true!!She placed her broomstick down and got out her book of spells.''This looks...compicated.But I'll get it~''She was talking to herself.She opened it up and started reading.


Ms.Berry walked into room 401, placing her wand in her big desk.She sat on it, her hands on her legs.She sighed.Summer just went by these days, and now she was a Teacher of Magic.Since she mastered fire, she figured she might as well master her students names.
Ms.Berry sat down on her chair, got out pieces of paer, and wrote her students names down.After she finshed, she got out scissers and cut them out.After finishing, she grabbed her wand.Waving it in a certian diraction, they flated to a desk.Poof!Now they were even taped.She sighed happily.Room 401 was ready for students.Ms.Berry sat down and wrote on the chalkboard:
Welcome Wizards!Please find your seat.
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The Wizard in the Sky[RP]
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