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 Nightrow Monster Academy [IC Thread]

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PostSubject: Re: Nightrow Monster Academy [IC Thread]   Nightrow Monster Academy [IC Thread] - Page 8 EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 3:12 am

[I KNOW! I know how to fix that though. C<]

Derek Nevine

I hugged her from behind to tease her. She seemed agitated... Perfect opportunities.

"Well maybe they would try, but I wouldn't let them." I whispered in her ear*.

Cafeteria because she was worried about Cecile and James? It made me snicker. Cecile was weak, but I doubt that James would let her be injured... Not including this morning... Oh no, we gotta get there quickly!

"Come on, let's go." I said, grabbing Nora's hand and walking down the hallways towards the elevators. "It would be nice if the school had less floors, huh" I joked with her. With five floors, the school was pretty big, maybe too big. I guess more room to run.

Cecilia Patricia Janet Kara Lionna Lillian Jennifer Cheyenne Mira Felicity Kingston

It was a normal response anyone would say, so it didn't bring up my hopes that much... Being patted though, it made me feel a bit reassured. The touch of James... It also gave me more confidence that he was here.

He isn't a monster.

I liked the sound of that. He didn't seem to have any dangerous nature so it was pleasant to be around him.

"Thanks James, I'll try." I quaintly said, following him down the line.

Was I bothering him; following him like a little duckling? I hoped not... With so many people, I could try to make friends, but I felt safest with the people I had already communicated with right now... Maybe when the monster business calmed down.

"James, you're really nice, I appreciate it." I said for his support. It wasn't much, words of appreciation but... What could I do?

Jin Kaiiro

Stopping so suddenly... Thank you, milady.

I felt out of shape, being so worn out in a couple of minutes... I was raised to walk, not run. It was shameful though. Milady, please don't sign us both up for events like track...

I sighed though. I understood her reasoning, but why think of it now? We were just at the library. But it wasn't my job to judge, just to go along with it.

"Yes... Milady..." I said in between breaths. I was exhausted already. "Please be careful in the hallways, milady. There could not only be monsters around, but other students willing to place their hands on the milady." I warned her, turning around to escort her.

Knowing lady Cassandra, she would start running again... I was busy warning her... Maybe I should be warning myself.

[* ... C< /shot]
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Nightrow Monster Academy [IC Thread]
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