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 The Summoning [Pokemon Roleplay-OCC And Sign Ups]

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The Summoning [Pokemon Roleplay-OCC And Sign Ups] Empty
PostSubject: The Summoning [Pokemon Roleplay-OCC And Sign Ups]   The Summoning [Pokemon Roleplay-OCC And Sign Ups] EmptyThu Sep 22, 2011 1:17 am

Welcome to the Unova region!
Usually full of sunshine and rainbows, we've recently come across a problem.
Someone is raiding the Pokemon daycares and breeders.
Hundreds of Pokemon eggs have already been lost.
Only around a hundred have reappeared, but there's no way to know where they came from.
Furthermore, it was recently heard from the Sinnoh region that there's been a strange unbalance recorded.
It's been connected to the two legendary Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia.
According to their research, the two have gone missing, as they've managed to gather from the Pokemon.
Our last received message was one asking for help from multiple regions.
As it turns out, legendaries all over have been disappearing, if assumptions are correct.
The larger, stronger ones, however, remain, although they've gone into hiding.
With no leads, we planned to send out some help.
However, we've been cut off.
No one can leave Unova, no messages can leave, and we can't even seem to receive anything.
A similar occurrence elsewhere has lead us to believe that this is the work of Palkia.
Hopefully, some help will arrive.

Most of the legendaries have reverted to eggs and hid themselves as regular eggs among breeders, daycares, and wild Pokemon.
However, they disappear one night.
Selected trainers have received these eggs.
They were chosen for the personality or outlook on life.
The eggs were found at the foot of the chosen person's bed or were called to the place where they were hiding.
The eggs have not hatched yet.
In fact, no one even knows they have a legendary in their possession.
Okay, with that covered...
The bad guys are Greyson Corp., a major name in the Pokemon world.
They've been stealing eggs in search of the legendaries, being the ones responsible for their reverting to eggs in the first place.
No one knows they're the bad guys, though.
As bad guys, they're known as Team Meteor.
Now for how we're going to solve this.
Those that didn't revert to eggs are being sought out.
Seeing as we're restricted to the Unova region, the first ones to be found will be the locals.
From there, if we succeed in befriending them, we can access other regions with their help.
This will be long term.

-Absolutely no godmodding, Mary Sues, Gary Stus, etc.
-Write 'What will hatch from the egg?' somewhere in your profile if you've read the rules.
-I don't want any text speak in this roleplay.
-If you aren't the president or vice president of Greyson Corp., don't do or make anything major on your own
-You may have up to three characters - one of each.


Chosen Trainers


Age: 10-21
Appearence: Picture or Paragraph discription.
Type: Only two types, please!
Chosen By: Duh. Legendarys go here! One only.
Personality: At least three things.
Biography: Not too small, okay~?
Party: Up to Six, you can name one shiny and 3 in your PC. (ex: [insert your characters name here] went and got out [insert caught pokemon's name here] out of the PC.)

Greyson Corp.

Age: 20 & +
Appearence: Picture or discreption
Type: Only two
Rank: You don't have to be a grunt, but the first one to put 'President; in their post gets it~!
Personality: At least three things.
Biography: Not too small, okay~?
Party: Up to Six. One Shiny, 3 in PC.

Regular Trainers


Age: 10 & +
Appearence: Picture or paragraph.
Type: Only two.
Personality: Up to three things.
Biography: Not too small, 'kay~?
Party: Up to six, one shiny, 3 in PC, one starter.


Forbidden Legendaries:

Phione (not a legendary)
Genesect (manmade)

Accepted Characters


Legendaries Taken
Celebi- 32Melody/Me
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The Summoning [Pokemon Roleplay-OCC And Sign Ups]
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