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 A story of Legends.

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Za Ari Reth Rua
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Za Ari Reth Rua

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A story of Legends. Empty
PostSubject: A story of Legends.   A story of Legends. EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 10:21 pm

It is typically so as the name is. A story of legends. Typically made for fun and creativity in the creations! I do so hope people may come and see how it is.

The rules are simple. No modding of any kind. God Modding Power Modding, Auto modding. God Modding is a verse of where nothing can physicallt, spiritually, or mentally harm the character. They are immune to everything that harms them. Power modding is where one character has the power to pratically make someone else do something that they themselves, do not wish to do. Auto modding is as it states.

Autoing is a term as theoretically debated upon that autoing an attack or auto completing a prep there of.

Prep interaction can be made. Preps are as they go. Like casting a spell. Spells lie Rituals are high powerd class of spells. Which need a prep to cast. Prep interaction allows one to interupt, or cantrips and canons.

Typically, Canons and Cantrips are the same thing, but as different versed opinion. Cantrips allows one character to interact with another by simply cancling or harming the other character from doing things. Basically.

Cantrips are stunners and canons are ones typically versed to physical inflictions. Canons are simple, yet tricky to deal with. Like if you were casting a spell that required sometime.

A Canon can simply be the best bet. It means someone can inflict harm on the character casting the spell with something that takes lesser time to complete.
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A story of Legends.
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