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 What to do...? [Friendship Event-Ashton & Soph]

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PostSubject: What to do...? [Friendship Event-Ashton & Soph]   Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:53 pm

"Maybe I should've brought a hat," Soph said to herself, shading her eyes with her hand.
Today was a warm day. Not too hot but not cold either. The bright green grass was waving a little, so there was some breeze. shade.
"Oh well!" She chirpily fell down to sit on the grass, laying on her back and looking at the sky.
Very picturesque. Blue sky, white clouds, and, somewhere to the left, and clear blue river.
Soph would've fallen asleep, but she had the feeling that somthing would happen, and that she'd just be wasting the day.
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PostSubject: Re: What to do...? [Friendship Event-Ashton & Soph]   Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:12 am

(OOC: Sorry for the very, very, VERY late reply, Arty! I've been busy.)

Ashton was sitting in the middle of the meadow, watching the birds fly. Dodging the white, fluffy clouds, a bird's life seemed so peacefull. Ashton knew it wasn't though. He sighed.

Ashton didn't have many friends, it seemed. He was so anti-social and shy. This made it hard for him but, with the small amount of friends he had, he would make it through childhood. He was thankfull for this but Ashton still longed more people in his life.

He then spotted someone. A... Girl? The person was too far to see. Luckfully, the grass was longer than grass around town, making himself invisable. This was the reason he didn't have many relations. He tried to stay away from strangers. But something went through his mind. Who is that person?
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What to do...? [Friendship Event-Ashton & Soph]
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