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 Persona 3 portable: the aftermath ((ooc, signup, and rp)

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Persona 3 portable: the aftermath ((ooc, signup, and rp) Empty
PostSubject: Persona 3 portable: the aftermath ((ooc, signup, and rp)   Persona 3 portable: the aftermath ((ooc, signup, and rp) EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 4:18 pm

When Minako and Minato Arisati ascended to the moon that December night, they both knew they would make the ultimate sacrifice to right their wrongs. In the end Minako lost his life to become the seal and Minato lost the lover of her life and her brother, and was tasked with helping SEES with their greif, while also dealing with her own. It has now been one year since the sacrafice and much has changed. Mitsuru has left oversees to run the Kirijo group, Ahkihiko is now a professional boxer who travels all the time, and the rest of the members of SEES are just trying to make it through their senior year of highschool. Elizabeth has left to try and save Minato from his suspended state as the wall between Nyx and Erebus, by defeating Erebus once and for all.

Unfortunatly for our greiving heroes evil never truly takes a holidasy, and soon their confronted with an all new dark hour, all new shadows, and an all new task, and this time, no pharos, or ryoji, Minato, or velvet room is around to help them.

Cannon Characters:

Mitsuru Kirijo (Empress Arcana):

Junpei Iori (Magician Arcana): Golden Fires

Fuuka Yamagishi (Priestess Arcana):

Yukari Takeba (Lovers Arcana):

Minako Aristati (wild Card, Female PC): ciera800

Minato Arisato (wild card, Male PC):

Ryoji Mochizuki/Pharos (Death/Fortune Arcana):

Aigis (Aeon Arcana):

Elizabeth (wild card):

Shinjiro Aragaki (Moon Arcana): Arhot Adachi

Ken Amada (Justice Arcana):

Margaret (empress Arcana):

Theodore (World Arcana):

Secondary characters:

Officer Kurosawa:

Chihiro Fushimi (Justice Arcana):

President Tanaka (Devil Arcana):

Monk Mutatsu (Tower Arcana):

Akinari Kamiki (Sun Arcana):

Rio Iwasaki (Chariot Arcana):

Saori Hasegawa (Hermit Arcana):

Mr. Ekoda Sengoku:

Mr. Edogawa:

Ms. Ounishi:

Ms. Emiri Kanou:


Shuji Ikutski:

Chidori Yoshino (inverted hanged man arcana):

Nyxx (Universe Arcana):

Erebus (inverted Universe Arcana):

OC Application:




appearence: description or picture will do fine.

Social Link: Wildcard will not do. if you want the Fool, you must provide a good reason.

Persona: make sure it fits your Social Link!

Ultimate persona: same as above

Persona Skills:

Ultimate persona skills:



Nickname: as in what you would be called in persona 4 arena.

afflication: Velvet Room, †SEES, or other (please elaborate)

((sorry it's so long, just figured it'd be easier to have it all in one place :3))
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Persona 3 portable: the aftermath ((ooc, signup, and rp)
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